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Forklift HANGCHA XF Series 2ton / HING

New Forklift HANGCHA XF Series 2ton / HING


The new XF series, Hangcha brought together the experience of over 30 years building forklifts and the latest forklift technologies.


Dynamic load sensing hydraulic steering system, efficiency lighting system, lower fuel consumption, combine to provide increased productivity and reduced operating costs.


A lineup of powerful and clean engines and environment friendly materials help to reduce the output of undesirable substances over the lifetime of the truck, while creating a cleaner work environment. All applied diesel engines are in compliance with EU exhaust emission of stage-III.


In developing the new XF series, comfort and easy operation are all considered, for example, to improve shock absorber, compound engine damper and full floating power train are adopted. Comfortable operating also contributes to increased productivity.


By focusing on enhancing reliability, reducing downtime, the XF series is able to make the greater productivity for customer.


Careful design facilitates inspection and servicing. Easy maintenance reduces the amount of downtime and helps to reduce cost also.
The two-piece design makes the floorboard easy to lift and remove for access to the power train.

SKU: 00.01005

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