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Pallet Truck HANGCHA A series Mini Walkie 1.5/2.0t / Li-Ion

The A series lithium battery mini pallet truck is a new generation product recently developed by Hangcha for warehousing and logistics applications. Using permanent magnet drive technology and with advanced performance, comfortable, safe and reliable operations and low costs, it is an ideal tool for loading, unloading and handling palletized goods in warehouses, supermarkets, workshops and homes.


The A series mini pallet truck adopts a professional industrial design in appearance. The truck has a smooth vivid profile, a compact shape and a fully ergonomic design.

High performance

With high power and 1.5 – 2 tons load capacity to meet the handling needs of most customers.


  • The newly-developed control joystick is reliable, stylish and compact and all operations can be completed with one hand.
  • The code lock can be used more conveniently.


  • The innovative structural design can prevent the harness and electrical parts from moving together with the lifting parts, making the truck highly reliable.
  • The truck can hibernate automatically. When not used for a period of time, the truck will hibernate automatically to effectively protect the battery and prolong the battery’s service time.


  • With the functions of release braking, reverse braking and emergency braking to ensure safe driving.
  • Anti-roll back function to ensure safe operation.


  • The lithium battery can be charged quickly and replaced easily.
  • The novelty-designed handle has key switches that can be replaced separately.
SKU: 00.00240
2.000,00  1.750,00 

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